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Is SEO still important in 2018?

Is SEO still important in 2018?

With the focus now massively on online content to fuel a successful digital marketing strategy, you’d be forgiven for thinking SEO was a thing of a past. After all, there are a plethora of articles out there suggesting SEO is dead. Businesses are confused and the question many are asking is this: is SEO still important in 2018?

The answer is, yes, but it has changed.

Let’s imagine for a minute that SEO is Lord Voldermort at the beginning of the Harry Potter series. Voldermort, aka ‘he who must not be named’ was once a big deal, who did powerful, but great things. However, after a big magical crescendo involving some mystical malarkey, he was sent to the afterlife. Or so everyone thought. Actually, he was living a morphed life, using his powers in clever ways, via other mediums. Disguised to most, he became a stealth force of evil. Silent but deadly.

Ok, ok, SEO is hardly a deadly force, but it is still mighty powerful and disrespecting it could cost you a penalty from the Google Death Eaters that would take only a powerful wand to fix.

SEO Tactics Have Changed

Like most things, SEO has evolved. Keyword optimisation and link building may not be the way to successfully grow your Google rankings these days, but that’s because Google likes to shake things up with new algorithms. These algorithms are designed to improve upon the way it sorts through the thousands of sites and deliver the highest quality ones for specific search.

Remember, Google also has competitors. With Bing and Yahoo hot on its tail, it’s keen to hold its place as the leading search engine and so quality is important.

Algorithms are a sophisticated way of filtering out sites that are trying to game their way up the ranks and favour those who have a solid digital marketing presence. It aims to reward brands who work hard to promote their brand. Of course, using Google’s products to do this always helps, but that’s another Harry Potter story 😉

So, What Is Expected from SEO

Google now wants you to work more on the customer experience and less about ticking off a list of SEO practices. Whilst the technical side is important and shouldn’t be neglected, the real effort should be in the experience you give your customers.

These are the sorts of questions you should be asking when planning your SEO strategy:

  • What need do my customers have?
  • What content could satisfy these needs?
  • How diverse and exciting can I make my content?
  • What popular channels could be used to promote this content?
  • Where are my customers hanging out online?

So, you see, SEO isn’t dead to make way for content marketing. SEO is content marketing! They are one and the same.

Want more help with you SEO?

Do you want to talk SEO with an expert? Whitefish Marketing in Folkestone, Kent is an established digital marketing agency with deep experience in SEO. Call us on 01303 720 288. We also love Harry Potter 😊

If you have a great Kent Business news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include in Business Kent, or if you have any ideas of new Kent Business topics that you’d like us to focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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