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Prepare to be surprised

Prepare to be surprised

| by Clive Taylor | Posted in Business

I am sure that the majority of people in the UK have heard of HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at the famous battle of Trafalgar. It is the most famous ship to be built at Chatham Dockyard and probably one of the most famous ships in English history. A team of 150 workmen were assigned to construction of Victory's frame. Around 6,000 trees were used in her construction.

What a lot of people will not know is that on the day of is launch it was realised that it may not fit through the dock gates. Measurements at first light confirmed this: the gates were at least ​9 1⁄2 inches too narrow. Every available shipwright was made available to  hew away enough wood from the gates with their adzes for the ship to pass safely through.

How many of our Kent businesses really do have a plan to launch their businesses successfully. Have they built something that is too big to get to market or too small for anyone to take notice of? 

The launch of the Victory is a good example of being able to react when things do not go to plan. Not everything is recoverable though, so it is imperative to plan, plan and plan again to ensure most eventualities are mitigated against.

"Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.

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