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Creating Brand Synergy Online and Offline

Creating Brand Synergy Online and Offline

| by Katie Williams | Posted in Marketing, Business

Would you buy from your own brand?

If you were to see your brand via a number of different channels would you feel confident purchasing from it? You would be surprised how often this question is met with awkward shuffles and uncomfortable glances.

If you awkwardly shuffled or felt a lump in your throat then the answer is probably “no, I wouldn’t buy from my own brand”. But that begs the question - if not even you would buy from your own brand, who will? So stop defending your own brand with awkward excuses to potential prospects - “we are just updating our website”, “we are going to rebrand soon” - and start making real change.

Brand synergy can be simply defined as “a combination of elements that, when combined, have a greater effect than the sum of the individual elements”. If you have consistent branding across multiple mediums then the strength of your brand image will be greatly increased.


How to Create Brand Synergy

Creating brand synergy between online and offline is about first establishing who your target market is and how you want them to view your brand? Your branding has the power to create a perception of your company within seconds. Different people from different walks of life, industries and professions all perceive brands in different ways so ensuring your brand appeals to the people you want to purchase from you is essential.

Once you have established who it is you want to target and what image you want them to perceive you must next establish the mediums your branding will be seen on. This can be anything from a website to a shop window or an exhibition stand and anything in between. If you can put a logo or message on it then it is marketing material.

An example of a company who does this exceptionally well is Apple. From their stores to their websites and even their products, the design is always familiar in it’s simple, sleek and modern feel. They always leave the user/ customer feeling as though they are having a truly premium experience no matter where they are experiencing the brand.


People are becoming naturally sceptical of brands and more wary of spending money with them so building trust is essential. Creating synergy throughout your brand is a great way to become reputable and trustworthy within your industry. As well as this you will become easily recognisable and memorable no matter where your brand is seen.

You can now say, load and proud, “YES, I’d love to buy from my brand!”.

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