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There’s nothing quite like it – the joy of winning

There’s nothing quite like it – the joy of winning

Entering business awards can rocket your sales, boost awareness and exposure and help you leave the competition in your wake.

For many people they have never won anything – but when you do win an award there is nothing quite like it.

You go through a lot of emotions such as relief, credibility has been bestowed upon you, you feel energised, motivated and you may even walk a bit taller.

And happy that years of sleepless nights have now been worth it.

Picture it now….

You’re sat there staring up at the stage, the Chairman is fiddling with the edges of the envelope.

The audience is tense and quiets to a hush as the Chairman prepares to announce the winner of the award your business has entered.

And then it happens.

Applause and cheers hit your ears as YOUR company’s name is called out and a mixture of joy and relief washes over you as you walk up to collect your trophy.

You’re blinded momentarily from the flashing lights of the photographer as you lift your prize.

When you see the picture of yourself again holding your award in your newspaper and online, you can’t help but smile.

But you can’t wallow in your glory for long. There’s business to be done as your phones have been ringing off the hook with well wishes from existing customers and orders and new enquiries stacking up thanks from new prospects and leads.

Could this be you?

Yes, and entries are now open for the Maidstone and Ashford Business Awards

Free to enter, please visit

If you have a great Kent Business news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include in Business Kent, or if you have any ideas of new Kent Business topics that you’d like us to focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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