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Author Archives: Kim Arnold

I’ve had several conversations with new clients over the past month that go something like this: Client: ‘I’m fed up with seeing the competition win all this new business when they aren’t nearly as good as us. Our services and products are so much better. Our customer service is...
My friend got ghosted the other day. It was brutal. He’d been dating a seemingly nice woman he’d met over the internet. They’d been on a few romantic dates to restaurants with soft lighting and French waiters. They’d met each other’s dogs. She’d seemed super keen....
(*not my actual cupboard. No-one sleeps in ours….that I know of at least…) I confess. I’ve got a dark and dirty secret.   Most of my house is an oasis of calm order. Tidy. Clean. Everything in its place.   All apart from one dark, dark place. A place where mayhem reigns and ...
Think back to your first pitch meeting with your longest-standing client. OMG, you were a bag of nerves. Your palms were like wet wipes as you began the meeting, your tongue like cotton wool as you fumbled over your first few words. But then, all of a sudden, the magic started to happen. You saw your...
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