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Tag Archives: Kent

Entering business awards can rocket your sales, boost awareness and exposure and help you leave the competition in your wake. For many people they have never won anything – but when you do win an award there is nothing quite like it. You go through a lot of emotions such as relief, credibility...
Mindsets can be categorised as either ‘growth’ or ‘fixed’. People with fixed mindsets believe their talents and abilities are pretty much unchangeable, whereas people with growth mindsets believe their talents can be cultivated and changed with hard work and focus. And mindset...
Think back to your first pitch meeting with your longest-standing client. OMG, you were a bag of nerves. Your palms were like wet wipes as you began the meeting, your tongue like cotton wool as you fumbled over your first few words. But then, all of a sudden, the magic started to happen. You saw your...
I constantly advise people who are completely sure that they will automatically be rewarded with a big pay off as a result of selling their company one day.  They are also entirely sure that they will only suffer tax at 10% on the sale.  They seem shocked when I inform them that nothing in life ...
We’ve got a new puppy. So cute. Although he creates absolute mayhem he seems to be completely happy to eat everything given to him, and then clear up after himself once he’s pooped. By eating that as well. Ummmm. Watching him this morning it got me thinking about how he leaves no waste and...
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