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Tag Archives: Clients

The monthly volume of UK construction contract awards during 2018 has become so predictable that there’s a danger of complacency.   But for now, The Builders’ Conference CEO Neil Edwards is happy to look over another month of unprecedented stability. Don’t you just love the...
Cash flow is critical for a small business because it needs money to pay suppliers, employees and overheads such as rent and utilities. Firms must ensure they have sufficient working capital for these day-to-day operations and often this is tied up in monies owed to the business by customers who have...
Work is an essential part of human existence, therefore unavoidable.  As Maya Angelou put it “nothing works until you do”.  However, most people spend the weekend with an impending sense of dread for the arrival of Monday morning, the week is a drag as they wait for the weekend...
ONS data provides insights into Medway construction industry Once a bastion of our traditional industrial economy, Medway has changed significantly in post-industrial Britain. Although the legacy of abandoned industry remains visible in many places, analysis of Office of National Statistics (ONS) data by...
SEO is a series of practices that requires patience and consistency in order to get results. The time and resources required to do this can be quite a hurdle for many businesses. The good news is, there are a number of activities you can do yourself now, to improve your SEO. Chris Surridge - director at...
Think back to your first pitch meeting with your longest-standing client. OMG, you were a bag of nerves. Your palms were like wet wipes as you began the meeting, your tongue like cotton wool as you fumbled over your first few words. But then, all of a sudden, the magic started to happen. You saw your...
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